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<strong>Retirees and those getting ready for retirement</strong>

Retirees and those getting ready for retirement

We specialize in retirement preparation and providing lasting relationships with those in retirement. While this includes a wide range of services—planning and income strategies, portfolio management, and organization, account structure and titling, legacy and generational wealth planning—there is care to understand that this is a time of transition and planning for life’s next phase. 



Life gets busy, and it's easy to put off important decisions. We work closely with those seeking a knowledgeable and experienced advisor, to partner as an advocate on financial direction, investment strategies and wealth planning.  

Our clients come from a myriad of industries: technology, healthcare, aerospace, education, real estate; public sector employment from local to federal agencies; and entrepreneurs with their own businesses. Companies include, Amazon, Microsoft, the University of Washington, Kaiser, T-Mobile and Boeing.

<strong>Those in Transition</strong>

Those in Transition

Transition often represents people going through loss in a relationship. However, a transition could be a change of routine, a job, or a dream. Our caring approach lends well to those experiencing change by understanding what items need immediate attention and identifying those that can wait.

<strong>Those seeking a financial advocate and trusted advisor</strong>

Those seeking a financial advocate and trusted advisor

Many value an experienced and trusted advisor to guide them through financial choices. We offer personalized service and are dedicated to helping people achieve their goals. Through ongoing communication, we stay attuned to the lives of our clients. We provide an understanding of each situation, help to navigate choices and offer sound recommendations based upon the clients’ best interests.

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