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Where to Begin

Our first priority is helping you take care of yourself and your family. We want to learn more about your personal situation, identify your dreams and goals, understand your tolerance for risk, then develop sound options for helping you achieve your vision.

 A dedication to our clients’ continued financial health are the cornerstone of building lasting, long-term relationships.

An Introduction

Let’s schedule a complimentary introductory call or video meeting to learn more about each other. This is where we get a general idea of what is on your mind and where you are today. We’ll share a little about our process, and determine what may be our next step.

Discovery Meeting

This gives us a clearer picture of your current financial situation and goals. We may ask you to gather documents for this meeting. We’ll then have an in-depth discussion about your objectives, and ask questions to gain further insight and provide an idea of direction.

Observations and Strategies

This is where we give you observations and strategies to consider about your current situation and your plans for the future. It’s important that your questions are answered and there is clarity on information provided.

Once you’ve decided you want to work with us, the next step is to complete paperwork based upon your goals and the recommendations provided. As accounts transfer, we keep you up-to-speed along the way.

Welcome Aboard

Once the transition has happened, we’ll meet in-person or via phone or video to ensure you have access to your accounts and the client portal.
We’ll review your new accounts and pending action items, understand communication preferences, and ensure that we are moving forward on the same page.

Then we stay in touch. We take a proactive approach to reaching out to clients, and encourage you to contact us with any question at hand. We are proud of having longstanding relationships built on trust and continual communication.

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