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Sustainable and ESG Investing

Whether your focus is sustainable investing or wishing to best navigate through concentrated stock positions, we have the deep understanding and experience to align your investments with what matters.

At Carlton & Company Financial, we have experience working with clients to identify their preferences in aligning investments with their values.

We’ve been assisting ESG-oriented (Environmental, Social and Governance) investors since the founding of our firm. ESG is not a trend. Its growth has changed corporate reporting standards and it is a driver to make change through engagement, divestment and investment in sustainable-oriented companies.

Our investment process utilizes managers with sophisticated ESG integration approaches. Customized sustainable and impact investing solutions may encompass funds (active or passive), ETFs or individual equities.

The demand for companies to actively report and adhere to sustainable practices has grown substantially allowing for more choice, and making investment in sustainable practices a more transparent process. Greater options provide the opportunity to discern which companies are committed to high sustainability standards.

It's A Now Story - The Transition to Net Zero

By Karalyn Carlton

The existential urgency to decarbonize and reach net zero is rife with complexity. It’s nuanced and it begs for a pragmatic view of the path forward. Whether you are an active ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) investor or one interested in how a transition may affect economic and investment choices, I’ve laid out some considerations that we’ll have to navigate.

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