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Let's Celebrate Women

Let's Celebrate Women

March 09, 2023

March marks National Women's History Month.

As a person with an avid interest in history, I remember as a child wondering where the women were in all of these stories. It took a book by Dr. Gerda Lerner, which I read in my late teens, for my gotcha moment of the continual important roles women have had through time. It came as a relief to finally have documentation of what had been instinctual to me, yet undiscovered.

While I'm telling my age here, the information landscape has "come a long way baby," and gaining insight on women's achievements has become easier. So, how do we celebrate half of our population? Perhaps by searching out women-owned businesses, music, artists, restaurants. Or by funding organizations that support the growth and health of women. Or simply by voicing the respect and care you have for the women in your lives.

As I continue to keep learning and staying informed, one of my passions is to provide women with education and advocacy in their financial health. And to act as a sounding board as we navigate with care toward important life goals.

To be effective in this role, I keep informed by being actively engaged and aware of different financial strategies. Recently I was invited to a small group of women-only financial advisors at an advanced strategy workshop in the mountains of northern Arizona. The sessions were mostly led by CPAs and attorneys recognized as experts in specific types of complex planning targeted toward tax savings and advanced estate planning. Generally speaking, when you get 10-15 women together to talk shop and learn, it is going to be a good time.

I recognize that we women are all forging our paths. So, here's a salute to all you amazing, committed, interesting women working on bettering yourselves and the world around you. Thank you for the role you play, and for being who you are. I hope you find a way to celebrate yourselves in the coming days.

Happy Women's History Month.