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Habits to Safeguard Your Digital Life

Habits to Safeguard Your Digital Life

September 12, 2022

With nearly 5 billion people on social media worldwide, plus the risks of using online brokerage and bank accounts, the need for digital security has never been higher.

While tech is becoming more secure in response to threats, here are some habits you can adopt to safeguard your digital life: 

  • Stop - First, take a moment to evaluate your current security measures. Do you use two-factor authorization whenever possible? What about a password manager? Do your research and put these measures in place. Don’t use the same password for everything. Password phrases, such as My2dogsliketorun% is more safe than Seattle123!
  • Think - Before clicking a link or posting on social media, consider the information you may be accessing or sharing. A hacker can use minor details to target you or your loved ones.
  • Connect - Don’t go on autopilot: monitor your online accounts and devices. Make sure to change your passwords periodically, especially if you get an alert about unusual account activity.
  • Review – It’s easy to subscribe to a new online service, and difficult to terminate them. Not only can these services add up in unnecessary costs, they represent another organization with your information.

For clients who receive automatic monthly deposits, if there is an additional request sent via email, we will call you to receive verbal confirmation.

By staying alert to these details, you can browse the web with a little more peace of mind.